Tradition and Passion

Our Story

Aloisio Banzola is the union of two eminences, when it comes to excellence: siblings Giacomo and Shara Banzola, who began working with handmade shoes aged 18 and 16, and Master tailor Gaetano Aloisio. 
Their knowledge and their taste fuse together here, with both parts having more than 30 years of expertise. And their vision is the same: the continuous pursuit of elegance, with a luxury bespoke service.

Gaetano Aloisio

“The inspiration of a Tailor is his Customer”

Over forty years of experience have made Gaetano Aloisio one of the most prominent and recognized figures of the Italian bespoke tailoring in the World.
At the age of 16 he moved from Calabria to Milan in order to refine his technical knowledge at Maestro Bolognesi’s court: here, he acquired the mentality he still applies to his work, that success is a matter of quality. In 1986 he obtained the prestigious “Forbici d’Oro” (Golden Scissors) award and in 2011 he was knighted by the President of the Italian Republic for his contributions to the Italian fashion system.

Shara Banzola

“The workshop is my place for the research of shape and color”

It’s where even today she gets emotional seeing what they can create for our Clients.

Her eye and her talent for modelling high quality shoes make Shara Banzola the styling heart of Aloisio Banzola. She started developing a passion for the shoemaking world with her brother Giacomo, with whom she has worked her whole life, but her natural talent and sense of style is what brought her to specialize in modelling shoes at the prestigious Arsutoria School in Milan.

Giacomo Banzola

“An Artisan never stop learning”

Shoemaker since the age of 15, Giacomo Banzola has always believed that his life goal was to create the shoes with his own hands. He practiced in bottega, always looking for the best Masters to grasp their secrets. In 1995 he took over the direction of Calzoleria Giacopelli in Parma along with his sister Shara: it was the start of a climb to excellence, guiding him towards the mission of reproducing with his shoes the beauty that exists in nature.